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About Us

Helpline Support is a renowned name in the field of making personal and professional emails with your own domain.We are the independent email provider where you can get your own email with your own domain then you don't have to depend on third party email service providers.Our team of certified and qualified technicians help you creating your own email for your self ,family and office.Our email services are totally secure as nobody have the rights to access your information because here you will be the owner of your domain and server.Here the domain and server we are talking about comes with the high level of 3d security.We have been in this industry of creating separate emails for large and small scale organizations but now we are focusing on all of those individuals who dont want anyone else to hamper their personal and professional life.The best part of having your own email with your own name is that they are legitimate and can support all types of computer based applications like outlook,windows live mail,safari mail etc.Our domains and servers are user friendly as the users can open them on any device whether its your iPhone,mobile,tablet or iPad.

We aimed to provide best services at best price. We work really hard to fulfill customer's expectation, and the best part is our services are totally cost effective so that everyone can afford it. We provide customized support according to client's need. We work from initial setup to final installation. We have something for all of our customers according to their requirements. As we know the requirement of a home consumer is different from the business organization that's why we offer tailored support to our client so that our clients can get full value of their money.

Our Skills

-Highly Qualified Staff

-Excellent support

-Customer friendly environment

-24/7 Services

-3d security

-Low maintenance